Dear Pastry: Six Days before Christmas

18 Dec

(Today is December 19th 2012)

Woah~~ six more days and it’s Christmas~ I’m so happy:) I just really love Christmas and other holidays or special days:) It’s not because of my religion, I just really like to enjoy those time of the year. And today I brought truffles. I think it was about two years ago, our church did a gift exchange with another and I got a bag of truffles. That day I fell in love with these. That day was the day I first tried my truffles and when I got one out, my mouth were watering. And when I put one in my mouth, it was a bit bitter from the powder but then it started to melt inside my mouth and it was really really good. I just loved it so I gave some to my friends to try it since some of them didn’t know what it was. They also thought it was delicious and we kept eating them until we realized that there were no more. šŸ™‚ This truffle brought me one of my good memories from past and after that I totally forgot about it.

Then I was surfing on internet to find more pastry and other baking recipes, I came across this recipe and I wondered where I saw this and that brought my memory back. So I kept searching for a easy and simple recipe of something I could do since I’m a beginner. I still can remember that flavor of the chocolate and bitter cocoa powder that covered theĀ chocolates, the smooth, silky texture which swirled around my tongue and the buttery flavor as it melted. With that memory of truffles, I hope that it has similar flavors as that day.

And I hope with this truffle that you can also have good memories about it. Like I said in my other posts, food is food but they have deeper meaning to it and is part of your memories and it brings joy by having that memory back in your heart and mind. For me I don’t really enjoy eating food but this is just fun. Having a good time with one another. Sharing your joy with them. With these Truffles. No one knows what these sweets could mean to you~


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