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Dear Pastry: Eight Days before Christmas

“Basic Butter Cookie”

(today is December 17th, 2012)

After posting my 9th days before Christmas I ended up doing something else and I almost forgot today’s post. Since I’m still a student, I realized that I don’t really have that much time to post these but I’m trying hard to post these every single day and not get behind on this~ When I’m writing this, it feels like I’m writing a diary but a public diary I suppose. But it’s takes my random thoughts away every time I write and post each blog. And I really enjoy this. (maybe?) Well that’s it for me~~

For our eight days before Christmas special, it’s a simple “Basic Butter Cookie” (doesn’t it sound simple but good?) I picked this recipe because I personally think, it would be sweet but soft at the same time and a good dessert with a cup of tea~ I just love sweets; well they are my favorites~ I absolutely love them and enjoy them very much. Anyway it’s mostly because when I was little, I tried one the butter cookie and I fell in love with them. Even though I was young at that time, I could still remember those swirls of butter flavor inside my mouth and always wanted to make these,too.

I’m not sure yet if I could still taste that rich butter flavor when I was young but it’s worth a try. Even for these cookies they have their own histories and they are sometimes a symbol in our life. And for me, this butter cookie is part of my childhood memory and it’s nice to remember something from your childhood. And to share it with others like I’m sharing my stories and my experiences here. And I hope you to have something to share.

For some people making something or cooking for is something you have to do. But to me, I love making foods and desserts for others. Me looking at others eating and them telling me how good it is and that I should make more, I want to make more and it just brings joy to me. When I’m making something, I think of others eating my food happily and with an smile paste to their face ^^ That just makes my day:)

So share with one another.

Recipe: (make the dough first) (then go to this one)

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