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Dear Pastry: Eleven days before Christmas

Picture of Holiday Biscotti Recipe

(Today is December 14, 2012)

Well I’m suppose to write this each day but I just realize after finishing writing the first one that I might not even have time to write these each every single day. So I decided that I might as well write two or more everyday so I don’t miss these since finals are next week. (big sigh). Anyway enough about my situation~~~ Well I’m spacing out while I’m typing.. so tired.. But there are things that needs to be done fast and this is one of the many other things I just need to speedy up. ( another big sigh)

Okay Okay no more about my life and other stuff. And we shall stick to the main part. Well I don’t know what cookie or cake or whatever sweet thing I would do next but I have an idea since it’s about Christmas and I think any kind of cookies are just great to have for Christmas unless it’s traditional cookie time for your families. So I picked out the one that I just really really wanted to make. (Well if I had the money and the ingredients, I would make them ALL OF IT..) Well that’s not possible right now so it’s one by one.

Today I picked out.. (drum roll please)…

…Holiday Biscotti !!!!

Recipe for this:

I actually made biscotti once and it was pretty good but not that great. But the others told me it went really well with teas or coffee and that it’s a good dessert while talking with your friends or families and other neighbors. And I agree. This is a simple dessert to eat together and more. And just by sharing is a enjoyable time to make with others ^^

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