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Dear Pastry: Ten days before Christmas

Picture of Gingerbread Cookies for the Holidays Recipe

(Today is December 15,2012)

WOah~! It’s already ten days before Christmas and that means it’s almost finals for me..(I think finals are just awful and they just should not exist in this world..And since we have them there shouldn’t be so many tests and those really stupid quiz we all took sometime in our life.) And anyway back to the topic.. other than my crap and the stressful side of me; I’m really happy that it’s almost..(drum roll please) CHRISTMAS~!! I just LOVE CHRISTMAS:) And today I brought more cookie recipe for this little event of mine should I say~ And it’s just fun and nothing more though. I’m just happy that it’s almost break and I wish I could just skip over finals and I would be 100% happy and enjoying my life but I know that it won’t happen so yeah..Forget that part~ ugh go away bad thoughts~ And I shall fill it up with yummy and delicious cookies~ So Peaceful~ 😀

But eating that much cookie means gaining LOTS of weight unless you are one of those people who work out a lot or have fast metabolism. Well I’m neither of those so I’m pretty sure I would be FAT if I had all twelve days before Christmas cookies~ This is why I only making them during the weekends and only once every week and I don’t eat alone because that is just sad:( I just love to share things so when I only make them when there are people over or just with my families or I take them to school or for my church youth group ( since we small amount of people).

Well anyway~~ back to cookie~ (clap clap clap)

And our next cookie is..(drum roll)

…Gingerbread Cookies for the Holidays !!! (clap clap clap)

I think these gingerbread cookies are just so adorable when they come in little people shapes:) And they are good too~ It also reminds me of the gingerbread cookie men from Shrek:) (I should see that movie again it was fun).

And the recipe is:

And that’s it for today~ Have fantastic Day Everyone

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