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Dear Pastry: Seven days before Christmas

Picture of Savannah Cheesecake Cookies Recipe

(Today is December 18th, 2012)

I remembered to write my blog~ Yeay for me!! (I’m so spacing out..I went to bed at 3 am and woke up 4 hours later..) Don’t ever do something like that like I did..Staying up all night preparing for finals and working on a presentation which I did present today…I was so nervous and I could have done better and I just couldn’t..I have stage fright and it just freaks me out.. It’s really stupid and I with I could just talk naturally in front of others. Well enough about that.

Well today I don’t really have to talk about me…wait..I’m not here to talk about me..(just ignore me..) Anyway well today I’m with cheesecake. I chose cheesecake as today’s pastry because it’s something that reminds me of my mom. She really loves cheese and cheesecake. I personally, never really liked the texture of cheesecake but after eating those really good cheesecake I grew to like them more and more. And since my mom’s birthday is Christmas Eve, I’m planning to make this for her instead of buying a cake. I never will know why she like it so much but I think it’s same as me liking chocolate and her having the liking of cheesecake.

Every time I think of a cheesecake or look at them, it always reminds me of my mom and her smiling. So when I make this for her I hope to see her smile again like that time. It’s just really nice that a food like this would remind you of someone that you can see that food is not all about making and eating. It’s about sharing and enjoying the times together as families and friends and that these food can actually remind you someone you really care about. And I like that a lot. That there’s a meaning of why I’m making them.

So enjoy with one another. And share your joy of creating happiness. with food.


P.S- I’m so glad Christmas is almost here~ more tests and work for me,,

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