Dear Pastry: Italian Anise cookie with icing

30 Nov


In cooking class at my school, we had an International cookie day and my group was choosing and searching and just trying to find the right piece of a recipe. And finally in the end we ended up with Italian Anise cookie. But I don’t think any of us knew what “Anise” was so we just decided to make it. So today, we had a cookie lab and each group was making their country’s cookie and ours was Italy. And when we were getting ready for the cookie and gathering all the ingredients; we learned that it licorice flavor and we all did not like it. Not knowing what it was stupid. We should have searched what it was and if we liked it or not..But none of us did. Except for some people who really didn’t care. When we were finished we had different kinds of cookies shared among our classmates and most them were good some were not good but it was a fun experience to learn and eat other countries’ cookies. I learned that today that I should find out what some of the things that I don’t know before actually doing it. And it was a new experience and something new to try. If I have liked anise I say it’s a good snack to have and the cookie doesn’t turn brown and the inside is like soft bread and cake-like so it’s really good to have with tea or a coffee and milk. In my opinion, it might be a good Christmas cookie to eat with your families and friends. Since it’s almost December and Christmas will be here anytime soon:)

(Recipe to Italian Anise Cookie with Icing)

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