Dear Pastry: Custard Pudding

22 Nov

Few weeks before the month of November started, I was searching for my next recipe to try and I managed to find flan “french custard pudding”. And I wanted to know more about it so I found history on this pastry. And I found that no one knows where pudding actually came from and the British claim pudding as part of their culinary heritage. Also custard is originally developed by the Romans and they cooked binding properties of eggs. Another is that custard was not unique to Europe. Today many of people around the world enjoy eating and making flan or so called custard pudding or egg custard.

When I made my flan I followed the recipe from the youtube video which is at the end of the video and it turned out really well and what is important during cooking is “time”. And if you don’t watch your time then it’s going to be either burnt or to soggy and it will taste like your drinking egg milk.. So always watch time and I think this is a good snack or something that would go well with coffee or milk. When I made this and had my families try it, they also loved and it too and so will you.

To know more about food history go to (recipe at the end of the video)

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