Dear Pastry: French Macaron

01 Nov


French Macaroon (“Les Macarons”)

Last week when I was searching for my next pastry recipe to make, I came along with French Macaroon. It was something new and I never heard of anything like this. So I researched where and how it came along and I found that it actually originated from Italy but it was brought to France and the French court was all over and soon the world. (If you want to read more; the link: ).

These Macaroons are supposedly really difficult and hard to make since they burn very easily and crack and that they must be consumed right away. They could have any flavors or colors and in France there’s a Ketchup flavor Macaroons. (Wonder what that would taste like…) You can have varieties of colors by adding food colorings. And the filling between the two macaroons, you can have anything like fruits, icings, jam, buttercreams…etc.

Macaroons can go well with teas, milk or coffee. And it would be nice to eat with families and friends or for kids after school would be a great snack to have.  It’s too good to eat it all alone so invite some friends and families along to enjoy this pastry.

Recipe for French Macaroons:

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