Dear Pastry: Rainy to Sunny

26 Sep

Ever since yesterday it has been so gloomy and rainy and I though everyone at my school looked so tired..And me too… Since it was so gloomy outside I wanted something sweet to lift the clouds away and fill it up with sunny and happy mood. So I got a Hershey kisses chocolate and it was great~

The chocolate melted in my mouth and I could taste the chocolate covered white chocolate with swirls was slowly lifting the cloud away from me and bringing back the sun. But I guess one kisses didn’t seem to work;  by the time I was in a good mood, I had 10 kisses…(don’t do’s a bad choice) And I started to get worn out(?) I was hyper-ish from eating so much chocolate but it was wearing off pretty fast than I though it would. And when I got home, I got out milk and chocolate syrup and mixed those two and heated them up. It warmed up my body and the sweetness of the mixture of milk and chocolate is always a “sweet” combination.

Oh and if you want to add a little more sweetness to it, just put in those fluffy marshmallows or whip cream><

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