Dear Pastry: Autumn has come

26 Sep


It has been few days since autumn has started and yet it feels like yesterday was summer and being lazy and goofing around. The month of fall; September is passing and soon October will come. And in pastry, the autumn sweets are to come and to be filled with smiles and laughter.

And I just thought of the perfect dessert for the autumn days. The first time I tried apple crisp it was still hot coming right out of the oven. Once I scooped it out, the steam rose up to my face and I could smell autumn from it and as it went inside my mouth, I still remember the taste of warm cinnamon and sugar covered apple around my tongue. I could feel the autumn wind and smell the autumn leaves too. Also it was crispy on the top later from oatmeal and the dough baked together; it was such a good combination.

P.S- Don’t forget whip cream or scoop of ice cream on top^^ Oh~ one more you can top it with caramel sauce ( personally never tried but it sounds great).

Link to Apple Crisp Recipe:

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